A million different ways

The featured picture is a drawing of http://sugarmints.deviantart.com/, her (or his?) whole gallery is super dreamy and lovely ❤

My English kinda became crappy after I started working, focused too much on writing in mother tongue I guess. So uhm, I might as well start practicing from this post. Forgive my mistakes pls~

This blog is just for sharing my thoughts (and trashing) so the posts won’t focus on any specific topics. If anyone want to talk about anything at all, give me a comment 😀 I like to listen too.


Have you ever been in a situation that you feel like there are a million different ways to approach a topic, or to say a few sentences, but the other person just have to choose the worst way? I’m not talking about any serious crime, just tiny problems or a in normal conversation and I received a really harsh comment.

For example, if someone wants you to help them with something, they would not say “do it for me” with or without the ‘please’ but “why are you so damn lazy and insensitive and useless blah blah”. Or you see people who are friends but keep prying each other on tiny little mistakes like a typo and talk as if it’s the biggest failure of all time?

Er, really, are you trying to hurt others on purpose?

Strangers are another thing, they mostly don’t care about you. But if people who are close to you did this, the pain magnifies 10 times.

I have no idea why you would want to hurt someone close to you by rubbing salt to wounds, or prying in their lives leaving no privacy left, or actually just denying that they care about you. Why making both you and them looking pathetic? What good does that bring you?

Maybe because life’s hard on them, maybe because their wounds are dripping blood too. But really, for me venting anger on someone else doesn’t make me feel better at all. My problems are still there, and if I hurt someone that just add more to the depressing pile.

I used to be an “attention to details” person (even wrote it on my resume lol) but somehow my “flexible” level just keep increasing and increasing. Then for so many times I got scolded for being insensitive and people keep telling me that I’m cold or heartless or careless ==”

I can’t really live like my friend, who is a really sensitive, skeptical and pays much much attention to details. People like her and trust her a lot, but she is easily pressured by even small problems and sometimes she stressed herself out fot things that I would have just shrugged off my shoulder. I have no idea how she can handle that much stress, but my brain’s gonna explode if I was in her place.

Well, maybe I was not strong enough or clever enough 😦

Aside from a million ways to express your thoughts, there are a million ways to interpret others’ thought. And people just have to choose to think the worse of others and make themselves more angry. Still have no idea why. I tried not to, it just makes relationships worse in all ways.

I really have no idea how to think positive but still being sensitive all the time. Obviously you can’t satisfy everyone everytime, but am I out of place or people are just strange that way?

We live in a lonely world in a so-called community, and everyone have a pinch of selfishness and pain in them. It’s fine to argue, but not to trample on people’s feeling to get what you want, not to twist people’s word to fit your image of them.

There’s a million other ways to live and be happy too ;A;

I don’t know if my way of living is right, or how much “care” is enough for people, but I want to be less judgemental, less skeptical and be happier. If I am not happy enough, it’s hard to be kind and caring.



(A rare cold day in a global warming winter ;;)

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