It will be alright somehow, someday

Can’t stop my urge to trash-talk, err

I guess a relationship ends when a person stop caring, stop talking to you? Maybe I am a little bit jumpy and agitated.

I’m scare, of course, it hurts if someone you love decides that they’ve got enough of you. Love is not unconditional, mind ya. There are mistakes that can be forgiven, some are not. Especially if the other person is an arrogant, selfish and careless kid like me.

But ya know, at the end of the day, I know that selflessness is a lie. When your benefit is in danger, you will show your true colours. It is just that I’m kinda open of my dark sides.

I do blame myself a lot, but I don’t think I have shown enough sincerity. Problems of introverts?

Okay so I actually got a reply while typing all these trashes, consider the problem solved :v Guess the title is true, huh?

So a note to my past, present and future self: It’s gonna be alright. Somehow, but it will.

No problem is unsolvable, it is just that it might not be that smooth, scars are left, time runs out. But whatever it is, done is done, and the sun shines after the rain (well if it’s not night time). Life’s a roller-coaster, it drives you breathless.

I finished watching ’13 reasons why’ yesterday, took me 3 marathon nights. It’s good, to me. Actors are fine, story-line is interesting enough to keep me going, length is short enough. The suicide scene was really scary to me though, it hurts just by looking at it.

People have mixed feelings about this series though, seen quite a few fights online and kinda make things ugly. It’s okay if you hate it, okay if you love it but really, the point is to respect other people’s perspective. It’s not your fight, it’s not your life.

Oh and I really like cold weather and the winter, cold days are good days to write and sleep.


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